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LIMBO by Universe-B

Well...lets see... overall you did an amazing job, theres a lot of impact in this picture. the stance, the grass, everything, It looks like you spent quite a bit of time on it. As for your technique, its one of a kinda and great. The way you draw gives you the ability to draw in several different ways. I'm giving you a 4.5 on originality because its based off of the game LIMBO, other than that its one of a kind. the vision is wonderful and you did great. I do see room for improvement in digital art and in traditional art, but of course theres ALWAYS room. Good job and keep up the great work!
-love, Green <3
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Universe-B Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank's for taking the time to look over this work and giving your honest opinion!
np it was fun c:
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